Hi I am Jessica and co founder of JD Therapies. I've always been spiritually minded ever since I was a young girl, I was always fascinated with Astrology growing up. My journey into Holistic therapies has been an ongoing unwinding path for many years.

I first qualified in Energy & Sound Healing which then led me into Regression Therapy. I've practised in these two healing modalities for the past 10 years. Having gone into early Menopause is what took me to Transformational Breathwork, I was experiencing panic attacks and anxiety like i had never experienced before in my life. I worked with Michael Bijker International Breathwork Teacher and this is where my breath journey took off along with Cold Water Immersion.

The power of our breath has the infinite ability to heal ourselves using breath techniques to activate the sympathetic nervous system which is our fight - flight response to life and helps release trauma, anxiety, stress addiction & PTSD. 

I am a certified and qualified Breathwork practitioner. I host a number of Classes, Wellness days, 1-1 Sessions and Retreats. If you would like to know more about my offering then please get in touch, I  would love to hear from.



• DPLT -  Diploma in Past life Regression Therapy

• Energy Degree 1 & 2

Energy Master Practitioner

• Cold Water Immersion Coach

Sound Healing

Cacao Facilitator

Transformational Breathwork Facilitator